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2009 Hilton Generations Band

The Hilton Generations Band at the 2009 Hilton Fire Department Parade

Marching bands might not be the first thing you associate with social networking – but the Hilton Generations Marching Band is one local group from Hilton, New York which is utilizing principles of social networking to break through as one of the first marching bands to use social networking to advertise, and to communicate with it’s members, it’s fans, and the community.

Formed in 2008, the 40 member band performs year round in the Rochester area – and they are one of the most visible marching bands on the internet.

Their Facebook page is regularly updated by the band’s board of directors with information about upcoming practices, get-togethers, performances, and more. Their Facebook page was started on January 30, 2010 and already has 75 friends, 123 photo tags, 9 video tags, and links to the band’s website and YouTube pages.

Facebook Screenshot

A glimpse of the Generations Band's Facebook page

23 year old Trumpet player and member of the Generations Band, Matt Schantz says of the benefits of Facebook; “The pictures are pretty important. I know I have linked people to it to show them how much fun we have.”

“Everyone is on Facebook now, which makes it a great way to keep our members updated, while advertising the band to new members, and to fans throughout the area at the same time” says Web Editor JD. “It is also a great way to push traffic to our official website and our very successful YouTube page.”

“YouTube has become the new way to get noticed…We [The Hilton Generations Band] put our songs, hard work, and talent on YouTube in hopes of entertaining a wide variety people. We hope they love what we do and we can grow a strong fan base…” says Schantz of the band’s strong and growing YouTube presence.

Generation's YouTube Page

A screenshot of the Hilton Generation's Band's popular YouTube channel page.

The band’s YouTube channel “HiltonGenerationBand” was launched on July 25, 2008 – and today has 40 active videos of the group in practice and performance. Their channel page has had 970 views, and they have received a total of 4,605 hits on all of their videos. Each of their YouTube videos ends with text plugging band’s official website.

According to JD, the bands official website gets an average of 50 to 70 hits per week – another impressive number for a small town community band. The band’s website chronicles every performance of the group with photos and videos. The website also features a guest book, about the band page, sheet music downloads for members to practice at home with, audio files for members to practice along to, a list of active members in the band, a memorial page in remembrance of passed members of the music community, and much more.

Just how far reaching the band’s social networking efforts have gotten are clearly visible through comments on the groups various pages. These people would never have seen the bands content if not for their active use of social media to promote and communicate. I end this article with the words of the band’s viewers far and wide. A clear testament to the success of their strong internet presence, and utilization of social media…

From the guest book of their website:

“GREAT website! Saw the Band on various youtube shots, VERY impressive. Keep up the great work. If you need contacts for parades in the Niagara area of Ontario let me know. Welland, Dennville, and St. Catharines all have GREAT Parades in June.”

– Rick Allen. Vice President/Drum Instructor.


From the guest book of their website:

“Enjoyed the parade video. Community Bands are GREAT! I was one of the original members that started RCI, (The River City Irregulars) 26 years ago, otherwise known as the West Bend Community Band. Glad to see members of the community getting together to share their love of music with others. I liked your sound and your drum line rocks. Keep up the good work.”

– Joe Pieper. West Bend, WI. West Bend Community Band

From a message to the band’s YouTube page:

“Hello. My English is not good, nevertheless I that still reasonably understands me you hope. I am pleased that the hobby music have so many people and for learning. And look forward to many friends from around the world. Thank you. Greetings from Germany.”

–   T. Horsten. Germany

*For more info on the Hilton Generations Marching Band head to their official website at www.HiltonGenerationsBand.com where you’ll also find links to their YouTube and Facebook pages. As always, thanks for reading!!*

Story by Joshua Dimino of The College at Brockport SUNY

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On April 7th, 2010 at The College at Brockport SUNY Scholars Day, I finally got to see the much anticipated screening of Brockport Professor and film maker Virginia Orzel’s “One Breath: A Personal Journey with Asthma.” I really appreciated her being able to show the film as a part of scholars day. I was anxious to attend to see the final project that I have been teased about with small snippets over the past two years in her classes. It was great to see how it all came together and was a good example of what I should be looking to do with my own film work here at Brockport and beyond.

I also learned a lot from this film. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was only a toddler, and went to the emergency room on mothers day when I was three years old because I stopped breathing (my mom likes to remind me of that event EVERY mothers day, probably because of how traumatic it was for her).

My worst years were when I was younger, and much of the information about asthma and its treatment went to my mother because I was really too young to understand, to care, and know how to take care of myself. As I approached my teen years I got much better, and until wednesday had considered myself relatively cured aside from the increased severity of colds, etc. This film was really a wake up call to me that its never gone, and that I should start paying more attention to symptoms and signs I was previously trying to shrug off – probably mostly because of denial of accepting that this is something I will have to deal with my whole life.

I have understood the basics of what causes asthma symptoms, but her film dives deep into the causes of symptom agitation, and explains in great visual detail what happens during an attack in a way I had never seen before. It was also great hearing other asthmatics talk about their experiences – because I have never gotten to talk personally with another asthmatic about their experiences.

Virginia Orzel

SUNY Brockport professor and filmaker Virginia Orzel discusses her film "One Breath" at its screening at the 2010 Suny Brockport Scholars Day

I was most touched by Ginny’s own personal story about how she truly believes God gave her a miracle and breathed life into her when she had a severe asthma attack in a parking lot when no one was around to help. I was very moved that she included this story in this film – it really would not have been complete had it been left out.

I was also alarmed to hear about the rate at which asthma patients are increasing. 32 million Americans has asthma, 300 million worldwide, and there are about 4000 US asthma related deaths every year. While a portion of this increase in patients is because of better diagnosing practices – there are clearly other forces at work, and her presentation of the statistic that there are now over 90,000 chemicals that we are exposed to every day in our air that did not exist before World War II was quite a reality check. Today we use air fresheners, perfumes, Lysol, Armerol and thousands of other chemicals on a regular basis that we do not even think about. It really made me step back and realize just how much we don’t even think about what we are putting into the air around us in our homes – and for severe asthmatics like Ginny, she is forced to avoid every single one or she will have problems breathing – an immensely complicated daily battle for her which everyone else takes for granted.

So not only thank you to Ginny Orzel from the perspective of a film student, but also from a fellow asthmatic. This was a really great experience and I am glad you were able to show it as a part of this great annual education opportunity at SUNY Brockport. I hope you continue to stay strong and healthy and I look forward to seeing where this film goes, and what is to follow it.

The College at Brockport SUNY is currently in the process of reviewing their existing smoking policy which restricts on campus smoking up to at least 25 feet from building entrances.

A recent college-wide survey revealed that the majority of students polled are not happy with the college’s current policy – and that while they respect smoker’s rights, students and faculty believe a new stricter policy is needed.

A recent undercover investigation revealed only a few violators of the college’s current policy. However, evidence of cigarette butts close to doorways indicated that the policy is broken quite frequently. Those who were found in violation of the policy were typically near academic buildings – specifically Lennon and Daily.

An official “Task Force for a Smoke-Free Brockport” has been established, and it will be submitting a proposal for a more restrictive smoking policy to the college President John Halstead’s cabinet in the coming weeks, according to a task force leader.

No Brock Smoke

The McLean residence hall on the SUNY Brockport campus has taken pro-active steps to warn students of the college's policy.

Brocksmoke Reflection

Five common themes that I found in the “Brocksmoke” twitter reports were…
1)Few reporters actually found people violating the policy
2)There were many cigarette butts laying close to buildings, indicating that people do break the policy
3)More people violated the rule around academic buildings that dorms.
4)Daily and Lennor were the two most frequent places for smokers
5)Even with no news to report, tweets were still reported in various ways.


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